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Unapologetically You: Creating an Authentic Personal Brand with Lethia Owens

Unapologetically You: Creating an Authentic Personal Brand with Lethia Owens

In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us: the CEO of Irresistible Inc., Lethia Owens. Lethia is a leadership trainer who believes in leveraging her unique identity and strengths to create an authentic and purposeful brand.

In this interview, she shares her journey of finding her fit in a corporate setting, the power of integrating one’s gifts and talents, and how to create a remarkable brand that leaves a lasting impact.

Lethia also dives into the importance of real relationships, the value of having the right tools to achieve success, and the significance of aligning one’s personal brand in all aspects of life. Let’s dive right in!

About Lethia Owens

As the CEO of Irresistible Inc., Lethia works with entrepreneurs to help them define, develop and promote their Irresistible brand. But her lessons about personal branding are not limited to those in business for themselves.

As a keynote speaker and leadership trainer, Lethia speaks to employees and leaders throughout the corporate environment, reminding them that we are each president and CEO of “Me, Inc.” It is up to each individual, as an employee or manager, to take responsibility for their own success, recognition, promotion, legacy, reputation, etc.

Lethia actively inspires countless individuals around the world to not only discover and live from their unique gifts but to use those gifts to build their wealth. She is ranked #8 among the World’s Top 30 Brand Gurus.

Highlights from this episode

1. Leveraging Your Identity and Strengths to Build a Remarkable Brand

  • Emphasizes the importance of being authentic and purposeful in your career journey.

  • Shares personal realization about not conforming to others’ expectations in a corporate job and choosing authenticity instead.

  • Discusses the concept of integration in the workplace, finding your fit, and contributing with authenticity.

2. The Importance of Having the Right Tools for Success

  • Stresses the significance of having a variety of tools to achieve success quickly.

  • Mentions past mistakes in choosing platforms lacking support, leading to the preference for AccessAlly for building membership sites.

  • Highlights the decision to focus on building course and membership sites, separating themselves as a specialized web development company.

  • Introduces “Certify Your Brilliance” as a business complementing their specialized web development work.

3. Being Authentic and Unapologetic in All Aspects of Life

  • Advocates for aligning personal brand in all areas of life and being unapologetically oneself.

  • Rejects the concept of different personas for different areas of life and emphasizes consistency and authenticity.

  • Shares personal experiences of understanding how they are perceived and actively shaping their brand accordingly.

  • Encourages feedback from others and introspection to identify one’s true calling.


[00:01:44] Asked dad to go out, he said study. 1 year of study, SAT time. Dad asks for money, we’re broke. Mom confuses SAT with STD. No college for me.

[00:03:03] Full scholarship, computer science, master’s, 2 doctorates, game changer.

[00:08:52] Inspiring words have defined my 16-year career.

[00:12:52] Personal brand: Share your authentic self

[00:13:35] Managing multiple personalities, fake personas on social media

[00:19:26] Distinctive circus brands have magical theatrical productions.

[00:22:38] Find your thing, create and be prolific.

[00:26:37] AccessAlly surpasses expectations, monetize brilliance with certification.

[00:29:57] Focusing on core and membership sites, referrals for others.

[00:32:23] Encourage real relationships in marketing, be authentic.

[00:35:18] Excited to share brilliance, market domination blueprint.

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