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Body Wisdom: The Secret Ingredient to Women's Success

Body Wisdom: The Secret Ingredient to Women's Success

From avoiding burnout to making the right decisions, the answers are inside you.

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In this episode, we had the insightful Dr. Crystal Frazee join us to discuss the crucial role of body wisdom in entrepreneurial success.

Crystal emphasized the importance of regular check-ins to assess your needs, setting boundaries, and using your body's cues to enhance productivity and well-being.

She shared valuable strategies for managing energy, decision-making, and team dynamics based on body wisdom.

Discover how integrating body wisdom can transform your approach to entrepreneurship and lead you to sustainable success. Tune in now.

Crystal Frazee's recommendation to get started? Regular check-ins throughout the day to assess how you're feeling and what you need. Consistent times are key – think before getting up, after work, before bed, and before/after meetings. Prioritize your needs and be protective of yourself.

About Dr. Crystal Frazee

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Dr. Crystal Frazee is an executive coach, a keynote speaker, and the creator of Attuned Leadership.

Her mission is to teach women leaders to navigate the invisible gendered barriers they face and that traditional leadership and business development overlook.

She blends her expertise in women’s integrative health, leadership, gender studies, and somatics to transform company culture within organizations so women thrive at all levels and to guide individual women leaders to reach their desired success without compromising their satisfaction or burning out.

In her spare time, she's sipping tea, walking the lakeshore, writing her book, and hanging out with her two fiery daughters and husband in West Michigan.

Visit her website here:

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About Nathalie & The Momentum Memo

Nathalie Lussier is the founder of AccessAlly, a WordPress LMS plugin company for course creators, membership site owners, and community builders who want to scale on their terms.

In The Momentum Memo and Off The Charts podcast she shares her journey of running a tech business, being a regenerative farmer, and raising young kids.

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Off The Charts Business Podcast with Nathalie Lussier
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Nathalie Lussier started making websites when she was 12 years old, and graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a job offer from Wall Street. In a gutsy move, she turned down this job to start her own business right out of college.
Today, Nathalie is the CEO of the AccessAlly WordPress plugin for ambitious course creators, membership site owners, and community builders. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Venture Beat, Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Under 30 CEO.