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How to Craft Copy for Multiple Audiences (Without Tanking Conversions) with Carolyn Beaudoin

How to Craft Copy for Multiple Audiences (Without Tanking Conversions) with Carolyn Beaudoin

Multiple customer avatars? This will help.

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In this episode of the Off The Charts Business podcast, we delved into the powerful concept of Jobs To Be Done with the insightful Carolyn Beaudoin.

We explored how understanding customer needs and tailoring messaging using the Hybrid One Reader can transform your business.

You’ll discover how this approach led to a 50% increase in revenue for one business, and learn about the versatile application of this concept across various marketing assets.

Plus, you’ll learn about the essential tools and research methods to create your own Hybrid One Reader. Tune in to improve your approach to customer understanding and messaging!

"The Hybrid One reader concept helps us speak directly to one reader, finding overlap in the 'jobs to be done' that customers hire our product for."
- Carolyn Beaudoin

1. Jobs To Be Done Insight: Understanding the "jobs to be done" framework is essential for mapping customer journeys and tailoring marketing strategies to meet customer needs across different segments.

2. Hybrid One Reader Concept: Leveraging the "Hybrid One Reader" approach can help businesses speak directly to multiple customer segments. It’s especially useful for static assets like websites and when segmentation is not feasible.

3. Tailored Testimonials: Crafting tailored testimonials aligned with different customer segments and desired outcomes is pivotal for resonating with diverse audiences and driving conversions.

About Carolyn Beaudoin

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As a messaging strategist and conversion copywriter, Carolyn helps growth-focused subscription businesses drive repeatable and reliable revenue with an optimized web and email ecosystem.

Carolyn is the co-founder and Head of Creative Strategy at Boxcar Agency. Carolyn is best known for her teaching in Copy School by Copyhackers. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Get Carolyn’s template right here:

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Nathalie Lussier is the founder of AccessAlly, a WordPress LMS plugin company for course creators, membership site owners, and community builders who want to scale on their terms.

In The Momentum Memo and Off The Charts podcast she shares her journey of running a tech business, being a regenerative farmer, and raising young kids.

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