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Oh this is so true. Thank you for putting this into words. I’ve always called it the ‘I’ll be happy when’ pattern but not heard of it described as “the arrival fallacy”... what an helpful term.

It took me sooooo long to figure out that sacrificing my health for my business was a very poor decision. Whatever I created was never enough to plug the gap so I kept on sacrificing until I fell over. Now rest and well-being is the priority - the foundation for everything I create.

(Our backyard garden and chickens remind me about our connection to the earth... now if only we had space for goats 😂)

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Oh my goodness. This is me all. the. time.

I have all of these "when I reach X goal, I will do this" items on an arbitrary list.

But constant growth is not healthy, nor is it available to us.

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You are a real inspiration for me.

I'm working hard building my business from scratch, and it's taking a long time.

Thank you for keeping me on track.

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"It's much easier to prevent health issues and burnout than it is to try to fix them later."

YES. Isn't this the truth?!

I recently heard someone say it would be better if we all Benjamin Button-ed our way through life, because we would have more appreciation for our health. Unfortunately, until you experience burnout or health issues, it's harder to appreciate the good health you have when you have it.

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