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Mike Morrison – Membership Site Tricks Of The Trade

Mike Morrison – Membership Site Tricks Of The Trade

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This Off The Charts episode is all about membership sites! Our guest today is Mike Morrison, co-founder of The Membership Guys. I’m excited to introduce him to you because he is definitely an expert when it comes to membership sites, and is willing to share his insights on the subject.

Top Strategies To Growing Your Membership Site

As Mike notes, there isn’t really any single “one size fits all” strategy. All of the best and most successful membership sites have multi-track marketing.

But he does share 3 things that typically work in any market niche & product offering:

1. Producing solid content marketing, in the form of a blog, podcast, video channel, etc. The key is to build trust and prove your expertise by providing consistent, high-quality value.

2. Setting up a free Facebook group that’s focused on your content. It’s a way to get people interested in your topic, and will naturally lead to fans who are excited about your service.

3. Using a membership program as an upsell and a downsell for your high-ticket product. If someone’s paying $1000 for your product, for example, it’s an easy upsell to add a mere $50 for the first month’s membership. But if that high-ticket item isn’t making the sale, you can always downsell to your membership program. When compared with a $1000 product, $50 a month looks pretty good!

Don’t Rush Your Membership Site Idea

One thing that Mike and I both see a lot in the membership world is that people tend to get all excited about the idea of a membership site… but the first real question they ask is: what plugin should I use?

Which is totally the wrong route to take.

Always validate your actual idea first!

If you haven’t tested your idea properly, what often happens is that you invest a ton of time and effort into building the site itself…and then wonder why no one’s joining. It’s because the idea wasn’t a good one in the first place.

Membership Sites Outside of The Business Industry

The last thing Mike and I talk about in this episode is the fact that pretty much any industry can host a super successful membership site.

So if you’re looking for some sweet ideas to kickstart your planning process, definitely take the time to kick back and listen to this episode.

More About Mike Morrison

As one half of The Membership Guys, Mike Morrison and his partner Callie Willows have spent years guiding the growth of membership websites, e-learning businesses and online communities, helping clients to attract hundreds of thousands of members and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Now they run the Member Site Academy, where they teach small business owners and entrepreneurs the skills and strategies they need to build and grow a successful membership website.

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