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Language as a Catalyst: Marketing Strategies to Align with Values with Natalia Sanyal

Language as a Catalyst: Marketing Strategies to Align with Values with Natalia Sanyal

In this episode, guest Natalia Sanyal shares her love for working with personal brands, using marketing and business to create real change. Natalia and Nathalie discuss the importance of validating business ideas, finding your own writing style, and giving agency to people.

Natalia also touches on the importance of transparency, empathy, and integrity in marketing tactics, as well as the power of community support. They dive into their thoughts on artificial intelligence and its implications for copywriting and marketing, as well as their experience in writing sales pages that stand out in a sea of sameness.

About Natalia Sanyal

Natalia is an anti-oppressive copywriter and brand messaging strategist.

In the last 10 years, she worked with billion-dollar businesses, New York Times bestselling authors, and award-winning marketing agencies. Now she teaches change-maker personal brands to use marketing as a force for good so that they can create demand without causing harm to humanity and to themselves.

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Highlights from this episode

1. Finding Your Unique Communication Style

  • Acknowledge that everyone has a natural style of writing, even if they don’t realize it.

  • Look at how you write text messages to your best friends as an example of your natural speaking style.

  • Start by writing freely and then edit to make it sound more like yourself.

  • Practice and experiment with different prompts to develop your own unique style.

2. Ethical Marketing and Empathy

  • Prioritize giving agency to people and providing them with as much information as possible.

  • Be transparent and upfront in marketing tactics, especially in webinars.

  • Replace agitation with empathy when addressing a problem.

  • Lead with empathy to show understanding of how the audience feels, then present solutions from an empathetic angle.

3. Integrity, Play, and AI in Marketing

  • Constantly examine whether your offers, content, and marketing align with your values of integrity and play.

  • AI-generated content may not be helpful for changemakers and thought leaders as it relies on old information.

  • Opportunity to stand out by not sounding like everyone else using AI.

  • AI can be useful for research purposes, but be discerning about bias and legitimacy of information it provides.

4. Marketing Plans and Effective Sales Pages

  • Discuss and plan a marketing strategy for a sales page to ensure it gets the desired visibility.

  • Understand the importance of having a marketing plan in place even if the sales page copy is well-written.

  • Take responsibility for informing clients about the need for a marketing plan, but ultimately, it’s their decision.

  • Offer standalone value in each post, regardless of whether the reader is buying, to make the process easier.


[00:01:31] I bring out brands’ unique strengths and create change.

[00:03:50] Traditional marketing manipulates; we need empathy.

[00:06:55] Transparent marketing: give customers agency and information.

[00:11:33] Community helps, be discerning on social media. Engage mentally prepared for crickets.

[00:15:00] Integrity, play, and values shape my choices.

[00:22:35] Writing should reflect personal style and authenticity.

[00:24:09] Importance of filtering writing, humanity in marketing.

[00:26:40] Important topic: language impact, improving and updating.

[00:31:43] Customer support experiences with tech issues and emotions. Concerns about AI in marketing.

[00:34:06] AI limitations and potential impact on jobs.

[00:36:20] Program called Get Embodied helps changemakers market themselves.

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