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Kendrick Shope – Leaving Desperate Energy Behind to Growing A Million Dollar Business

Kendrick Shope – Leaving Desperate Energy Behind to Growing A Million Dollar Business

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This Off the Charts interview features a bit of refreshing advice from Kendrick Shope, a lovely lady that I’ve “grown up with” in the business world. Listen in & you’ll hear about how she was able to leave a desperate sense of energy behind in order to grow a million dollar business.

Desperate energy, as Kendrick discovered, is really dangerous for your business…and it’s especially hard to overcome if you’re not aware of it! And, since desperate energy attracts desperate energy, it’s one thing that Kendrick really had to let go of in order to allow her business to grow.

It’s so easy to become a little desperate – especially when you’ve just quit a cushy job and are missing the cashflow that you used to have. But I’m a firm believer that there is enough for everybody. Seriously believing that has helped me to step back into a more positive frame of mind.

Although, as Kendrick shares, she flopped around for a long time “like a fish out of water,” what really took business of the charts was a commitment to doing common things uncommonly well. In other words, making sure that she had a stellar foundation and completed each “step” in the right order.

The whole shiny object syndrome thing is a real issue for entrepreneurs, especially when you’re just getting started. But for newer business owners, you usually haven’t invested enough time into one particular thing to see the results. So refraining from jumping after the next best thing is super challenging – but important.

To follow Kendrick’s example of success in her million dollar business, pick one thing and keep going at it until you start gaining momentum.

More About Kendrick:

After leaving her Fortune 500 sales career in 2011 as a top performing sales rep, Kendrick Shope created Authentic Selling™, an ick-free, southern style approach to sales that’s helped over 600 entrepreneurs make millions.

Since then, she’s been named one of the nation’s top sales experts, acted as a guest expert on NBC, and won high praise from business icons like Ali Brown and Marie Forleo. She’s also been featured in publications like Monroe Life, The Advocate, and The Daily Times.

Her motto? “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends buy from friends.”

When she’s not sharing her sales savvy with clients, you can find this royal redhead cheering at Tennessee football games or flipping through fashion mags. She lives in Arkansas with her high school sweetheart and her Star-Wars-loving daughter.

For free sales tips, or to learn more about Authentic Selling™ or Sales School, Kendrick’s dynamic group program, visit

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