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i023 Devon Smiley – Making The Shift From Employee To Business Owner

i023 Devon Smiley – Making The Shift From Employee To Business Owner

Devon Smiley - Making The Shift From Employee To Business Owner

Hey, there! In today’s Off the Charts episode we get to hear from Devon Smiley, an amazing lady who has some great tips that resonate deeply with entrepreneurs.

In this interview, I asked Devon what she had to let go of in order to take her business to new, soaring levels.  Devon shared that she had to let go of her employee mindset: the high level of self-consciousness and self-criticism.

This can be really terrifying!  I can attest to the strangeness of having to put my face out there as a young professional, and trying to figure out the right amount of personality and professionalism that you want to have in your photos.

Devon chose to let go of the temptation to hide herself behind a blurry selfie as her profile picture. By using clear, professional photos, she made it possible for for people to start getting to know her as an individual. Dropping the self-consciousness and the employee mindset has helped her be more confident as an entrepreneur – and that’s really shone through in the success she’s achieved.

In the corporate world, we’re always told to look for bigger numbers, more subscribers, etc. But Devon chose to emphasize how she was connecting with people one-on-one.

Connecting on an individual level gave Devon the ability to become more engaged with her clients. It’s given her the insight she needs to support them better. By investing time into personal conversations, she’s able to truly sleuth out and understand what her clients need so that she can offer them the right solution.

After talking to Devon and hearing her words of wisdom, it’s no surprise that she’s built an incredibly successful, strong business.

More About Devon Smiley

Devon Smiley is the negotiation and pricing pro ambitious entrepreneurs call when they’re ready to stop taking what they can get, and start asking for what they deserve. A former corporate negotiator who knows all too well the tactics, tricks and techniques of the business world, Devon has turned her experience and passion for negotiation towards ensuring that entrepreneurs aren’t getting the short end of the stick when they do business.

Her mission? To make sure that you’re maximizing your earnings, signing fair deals, and keeping as much of that hard-earned money in your pocket as possible. Learn more about what she can do for your business at

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