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i014 Charm Fernandez – Women In Analytics and Technology

i014 Charm Fernandez – Women In Analytics and Technology

Off The Charts Charm Fernandez Interview

Women in analytics and technology are a rare breed, but our guest today is here to bust through some myths. Charm Fernandez is a Google Analytics specialist, with web strategy and SEO chops to boot.

Charm is also an AccessAlly Certified Partner, and she’s got a knack for everything analytics where e-commerce and online business are concerned.

In our interview, I asked Charm why she loves woman being a woman in technology and business, and she shared this story with us.

Charm worked in corporate Information Technology for over 13 years and this story in particular stands out. She was having a conference call with a software vendor, and trying to resolve a technical issue.

There were a few other people on the call, including some guys that were not as familiar with the tech “ins and outs” and rather were in a support role under Charm’s management.

The vendor was brainstorming solutions to their tech problem, and suggested that the “tech savvy guy” on Charm’s team could set up this new solution… while his assistant, Charm, could schedule a follow up call to reconvene.

Charm was taken aback by this entire situation, and she found herself in an awkward position.

Despite having worked with these vendors for years, they were under the impression that Charm, being the woman on the team, was in a “support role” instead of being the team lead who was responsible for all the work they were seeing.

The big lesson here is not to judge people’s skills based on their gender. There’s also something to be said for women bragging a little more in the workplace, so that people can see their contributions more directly.

Women In Analytics

Charm loves being technical because it makes her feel powerful, smart, and confident. It also helps her make a difference by helping other women who may not feel as comfortable with technology yet.

Charm’s advice for making your website successful is to stop underestimating SEO (search engine optimization) and analytics. Your search engine rank allows you to show up in the search results when potential clients or past clients are trying to find you.

Try this tip: google your name and see if your photos show up on Google images.

As a business owner, you want the images to show up for your name to be of you – so name your images and use alt tags for your name, too.

About Charm Fernandez

Charm Fernandez is a website strategist specializing in Data Analytics with a strong technical development background. Her formal education in the fields of Information Systems Management and Web Development help her bring a more cohesive approach to her work with clients.

Charm was hired as a full-time web developer when she was just 18 years old, and quickly became the team lead on projects. Since then, she’s worked within information technology capacities such as hardware and software support, data and access security, mobility, software and data analytics for large and small clients.

Today, Charm helps business owners develop their brand online, and use their website and company data to drive clients to their local or virtual businesses through sound traffic generation and optimization strategies.

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