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Exploring Bridge Jobs and Portfolio Careers: Insights from Lara Dalch

Exploring Bridge Jobs and Portfolio Careers: Insights from Lara Dalch

This episode is packed with valuable advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and podcasters alike. Join us as Lara dives deep into her experiences in the HR and people and culture space, her insights on full-time employment versus freelancing, and the challenges and rewards of podcasting as a portfolio piece.

About Lara Dalch

Lara Dalch is the creator and host of She Knows the Way, a podcast about deciding what’s next when doing what’s expected no longer feels right. With 15+ years of experience in communications, marketing, content strategy, facilitation, and leadership development, she also develops and produces a variety of content for organizations of all sizes. She has a particular passion for projects that amplify the voices and stories of women.

Lara Dalch’s podcast:


[00:00:03] Entrepreneurs may feel pressured to run their own businesses, but it can be stressful. In-house roles or bridge jobs can be beneficial and nothing to be ashamed of. Laura Dolch has a diverse career and offers valuable insight.

[00:08:30] Creating content that educates, inspires, entertains – freelancer, storyteller.

[00:13:39] Started as a designer, now designing learning experiences.

[00:20:32] Podcasting is about writing and flow.

[00:23:32] Podcast became a passion project, not marketing.

[00:32:00] Freelancing is more stable than full-time employment.

Highlights from this episode

1. The Journey of Designing Learning Experiences

  • Started her own business in 2010 designing courses and workshops

  • Explored opportunities in applying their skills to other organizations and designing learning experiences

  • Leveraged previous roles with an HR tech startup, the University of Washington, and a consulting firm

  • Learned the language of HR and people and culture space from working with the HR tech company

2. Perspective on Full-Time Employment vs. Freelancing

  • Believes that taking a full-time job while figuring out next steps is a normal part of the journey

  • Considers finding your own way in terms of work to be more stable than being a full-time employee

  • Feels more secure with a mindset of considering full-time employment as just another project rather than a long-term commitment

  • Applies marketing skills to market their freelance business and experiences to potential buyers

3. Podcasting and Writing for the Ear

  • Emphasizes that podcasting is about writing, not just speaking into a mic

  • Skills in scripting, writing, and flow of episodes or seasons from the learning space

  • Aims to make podcast material engaging, entertaining, and digestible for listeners

  • Acknowledges the importance of the flow and language used in the podcast experience

4. The Power of Freelancing and Diverse Skills

  • Values freelancing for the freedom it provides

  • Attracted to clients who approach learning with a human perspective, psychology, or neuroscience elements

  • Considers feedback from people who have experienced a client’s work important

  • Recognizes the importance of a well-designed website as indicative of attention to detail

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