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Create Time for Your Creativity with a Dual Career with Melissa Cassera

Create Time for Your Creativity with a Dual Career with Melissa Cassera

In the book, big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She says that so many people murder their creativity by demanding that their art pay the bills. 

And this episode of the Off The Charts podcast, we’re going to be talking with Melissa Cassera, who has a dual career as a public relations business owner, as well as a writer for both television and now novels as well. 

So we’re going to be exploring with her what it takes to fuel your creativity, carve out time to be creative, and to create art while also paying the bills and making sure that your business or career is supporting you. 

And we’re going to dive deep into what happened in her career when she decided to add on a creative element outside of her PR business.

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Melissa Cassera is a Professional Screenwriter, Bestselling Novelist, and award-winning Publicity Expert.

On-screen, Melissa is the writer of THE OBSESSION THRILLOGY (Lifetime Network’s first trilogy of movies.) She is also the writer of 12 additional films for the network and sold an eight-episode dark comedy series, ADDICTED, to Fullscreen. Her debut novel, CONTROL, a teen paranormal romance, is a #1 Amazon bestseller.

Melissa and her work have been featured in Variety, LA Times, Success Magazine, and Fast Company. She was named one of the nation’s Top Personal Branding Experts by The Huffington Post.

When Melissa is not whipping together obsession-worthy words, she can be found drinking too much coffee, playing at the lake with her dogs, or getting lost in the romance section of a bookstore. Find her on Instagram here.

Some of the actionable take-aways from this episode to help you carve out time and build more creative work into your existing career include:

  • Hiring someone to keep you accountable. In Melissa’s case, it’s a coach/editor who expects a certain number of words sent to her on a weekly basis when she’s working on a book.

  • Writing happens when you’re walking. Melissa goes on frequent walks and that’s when all of her ideas for characters, plots, and delicious stories come to life. Bring something to capture your ideas, like a phone or a notebook.

  • Pick a day to dedicate to your creative project and give yourself a 30-day exploration timeframe. Don’t try to finish an entire book or creative project. Just dedicate a 30-day period where you will engage with the work and carve out time so it gets the attention it deserves.

What creative projects are living in your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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