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Conscious Launching: Making Authentic Decisions for Building Your Audience with Sage Polaris

Conscious Launching: Making Authentic Decisions for Building Your Audience with Sage Polaris

This week’s guest is Sage Polaris, a conscious launch strategist and copy coach to the internet rich and famous. Tune in to this episode to learn:

  • Why we want to hide after a “failed” launch or when we have a huge success

  • How to be a bold-faced lover of failure and wins

  • Conscious launch practices

  • 3 must-ask questions before your next launch

About Sage Polaris

About Sage Polaris:

Sage Polaris has written high converting copy for more than 400+ clients earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service providers sell more of their service or offer with the words on their website.

Her emails and sales pages are responsible for generating as much as 7 figures in a single launch. She has worked with Chalene Johnson, Chrisette Michele, Rick Mulready, and Lynne Twist. Basically, she makes money for the “internet famous” people we all look up to.

And in turn, has been an international speaker in exclusive private Masterminds. She can show your audience how to go from story telling to story selling. This is what truly makes a brand legendary.

… and today she’ll tell you exactly how to do that in your own businesses.

Her website:

Highlights from this episode

1. Importance of Community and Conscious Decision-Making in Business

  • Aligning with clients and making conscious decisions leads to success

  • Successful memberships prioritize member spotlighting and giving voice to underrepresented individuals

  • Creating a strong sense of community and connection leads to longer member retention

  • Handling complaints by providing a platform for individuals to be seen and heard, resulting in positive engagement and recognition

2. Strategies for Highlighting Members

  • Active involvement and engagement observed to select members for social media highlights

  • Avoiding Facebook for social justice posts due to polarization, sharing on Instagram instead

  • Providing actionable resources and courses of action when discussing social justice issues

  • Engaging as an ally and uplifting voices to avoid being seen as a “woke white leader”

3. Shifting Mindset and Celebrating Success

  • Overcoming the tendency to hide after failure and fear of bragging after success

  • Learning to celebrate success as a manifestation of high vibe energy

  • Shifting mindset towards supportive perspective on peers’ success and viewing it as an opportunity for inspiration and growth

4. Tips for Launching Courses or Programs

  • Understand the psychology of the four different buyer types

  • Incorporate strategic decisions in emails and organic posts to cater to different buyer types

  • Focus on building your audience for future launches through Facebook groups, email lists, and guest expert sessions

  • Utilize paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, encouraging engagement through a call to comment

  • Maximize reach and connect with potential customers by understanding algorithms and utilizing technology


01:29 Maintained multiple profit sources, reevaluated client work.

05:33 Celebrate success, ignore jealousy, rise above.

06:19 Jealousy fades as emotional intelligence grows.

12:27 Check-in with your audience, make conscious decisions.

14:21 Spotlight members, make conscious decisions, earn money.

18:33 Instagram is better for sharing, fewer random people.

21:37 Diving deeper into tactical launch tips.

25:00 Understand the different types of decision makers for successful sales.

31:44 Schedule time off for a successful launch.

36:08 Ideal time for scaling online business growth.

37:53 Love your inner knowing, utilize technology.

The Momentum Memo
Off The Charts Business Podcast with Nathalie Lussier
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