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Becca Tracey: How To Build Your Business Without Social Media

Becca Tracey: How To Build Your Business Without Social Media

In this episode, Rebecca Tracey shares her unique insights and experiences on building a sustainable business without the pressure of perfection. With a focus on setting realistic goals, leveraging human connections, and embracing imperfections, Rebecca inspires listeners to take a slower, more deliberate approach in your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

About Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca Tracey is the founder of The Uncaged Life where she works with coaches to get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell, and help them get clients (without being all over social media). Rebecca runs a highly engaged online Facebook group of over 15,000 entrepreneurs. She started her business while living in a Chevy ’81 campervan  and now lives in her dream town of Squamish BC surrounded by mountains, where she is truly living her Uncaged life.

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Highlights from this episode

1. Building a Sustainable Business

  • Focus on setting realistic goals and avoid striving for perfection.

  • Don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks like creating reels, social media strategies, and funnels.

  • Take the time to build something sustainable and avoid falling into “shiny object syndrome.”

  • Experience failure or disappointment before realizing the value of a slower, more deliberate approach.

2. Leveraging Social Media for Networking

  • Use social media for networking and accessing people’s inboxes, but hold off on content creation initially.

  • Foster human connections through various means, not just through Instagram content.

  • Collaborate with others who have similar audiences and benefit from each other’s content.

  • Networking is crucial for getting clients initially, rather than relying solely on a website.

3. Starting a Business and Navigating the First Year

  • Start with one-on-one interactions to fine-tune processes and achieve specific results before scaling.

  • Experiment and explore different tools and approaches during the first year.

  • Work with someone to prevent burnout and gain skills to help others, even outside of the desired niche.

  • Shift mindset towards niching by realizing that the skills used are the same regardless of the niche.

4. Freedom and Flexibility in Entrepreneurship

  • The main motivation for starting a business is to have freedom and flexibility in how and where to spend time.

  • Avoid constantly learning new platforms and strategies on social media, as it can be stressful and unsustainable.

  • Set lower goals and avoid the pressure to achieve immediate success.

  • Integrate past experience into the new career for credibility, rather than completely discarding it.


[00:02:38] Social media learning is stressful and unsustainable.

[00:04:44] Start 1 on 1, hold off on content creation.

[00:09:10] Collaborations on Instagram led to successful business.

[00:11:46] First course was delivered through email and Dropbox. Now on AccessAlly, much better. During COVID, people are more accepting of imperfections.

[00:14:11] Use friends and family to find customers.

[00:16:34] Lower expectations, exceed goals, avoid disappointment.

[00:22:35] “Why become a coach? Finding your niche.”

[00:23:07] Pressure to find business niche, gain clients, and use diverse skills in first year.

[00:26:30] Traveling, work, hobbies, freedom, individuality, dogs.

[00:30:00] Social media platforms: FB group, Instagram, free resources.

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