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7 Life Changing Millionaire Habits with Denise Duffield-Thomas

7 Life Changing Millionaire Habits with Denise Duffield-Thomas

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It’s something I’m definitely practicing and I wanted to invite my friend and fellow Virgo millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas on to chat about what she’s learned from launching her courses over the years.

Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, also known as “The Lucky Bitch” whose best-selling books and courses have helped thousands of entrepreneurs step-up to create success and abundance. She also tells it like it is, and I love how honest she is about what it takes to make your dreams a reality.

In this interview, we chat about:

  • Launches! What we love about them and hate about them… (you might be surprised how similar we are on this one)

  • How focusing on just releasing one program over and over again has helped Denise brings in millions of dollars in her business over the years

  • How money blocks can stop you from reaching your income and savings goals (and yes, unfortunately we all have them!)

  • Upper limits: what they are, and how to bust through plateaus in life and business

  • Being financially “chill” and what it means for Denise and I as parents and business owners

My Lucky Bitch Success Story

I remember it clearly…

In the fall of 2012, freshly married, and excited about our new life together… Robin and I packed up all our belongings and drove a Uhaul from Toronto to New York City, with Millie as our sidekick.

Robin’s company headquarters were in New York, and I knew I’d be able to do my online work anywhere… so we dipped into our savings and put down the biggest deposit for an apartment we had ever seen. Dreams of the big city in our eyes.

We were spending $3000 per month on rent in Brooklyn (twice what we paid before!), and because we had a dog we had to put down 3 months’ rent as a deposit.

Although my business was bringing in that elusive six figures… at the end of the day, there wasn’t a whole lot of money left at the end of each month.

Robin was working crazy manhattan hours and I was adjusting to a whole new business model and working just as hard.

We were feeling the strain of the big city, and that Empire State of Mind song kept reminding us:

“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…”

A few weeks after our move, I remember sitting in bed trying to warm up because our apartment building hadn’t turned the heat on yet, and it was starting to get cold…

When I received an email from a woman named Denise Duffield-Thomas, talking about money blocks. My curiosity was piqued, but I assumed that because I had already figured out how to get to six figures in my business, I might already know what she was teaching.

I thought the solution to our issues was just to work harder.

So I closed the page.

But something was niggling at me… so I went back to her site, and found myself on the sales page for her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

Denise was talking about how increasing your earning potential isn’t always related to how many hours you put in, but rather it’s whether you’re allowing money to come into your life or if you’re blocking it.

I read every word, and sat firmly on the fence… Should I?

Was this the best use of my money?

I could put my hard earned cash toward rent or maybe buy a space heater instead…

Down to the wire… I clicked the buy button right before midnight on the last day of registration.

A part of me cringed at the investment because this wasn’t the only online course I had bought that year, but deep down I knew that if I followed through with this program, things were bound to change.

What happened next is still mind boggling to me. As a result of the work I did to clear my money blocks with Denise’s program, I took my six figure income and tripled it in 2013. Then in 2014, our revenues doubled from the previous year. We’ve been growing ever since!

To be clear, I can’t say that doing the Money Bootcamp was 100% responsible for the massive increase in income and revenues we experienced… there was a lot of practical stuff and elbow grease that went into it, too.

But Denise’s program definitely kickstarted the massive upswing in my business… and her work helped me realize that even if I had been earning that “highly sought after six figures”, I wasn’t really keeping a whole lot of it.

We were still living hand to mouth. Since taking the Bootcamp, I’ve been able to not just increase how much my business makes, but actually keep more of it, too.

I’ve also watched Denise evolve over the years, and she’s been extremely focused on delivering results for her students.

So much so that her Money Bootcamp is now a million dollar course.

Instead of trying to create and launch a new program every few months, Denise has been able to build a solid business foundation on this one course which she’s sold on an “evergreen” model… without doing a ton of launches.

There’s so much we can learn from her, and how she’s built a cult following of Lucky Bees like myself, with just one core product offer.

In fact, Denise is holding a LIVE round of her Money Bootcamp… and I’m excited to be going through it again live, too.

Whether you feel like you’ve got your “money stuff” handled or you’re just curious about how Denise has built such a successful process and online course, I highly recommend you study her work.

I’m a longtime customer, fan, and proud affiliate of Denise’s work. In fact, I wrote one of the first reviews of the program here back in 2013.

I can’t wait to hear what successes you experience as a result of being a part of Denise’s Lucky Bitch world, and I hope you take her up on the special Live Bootcamp round if money is an area you need help with.

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