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#030: Do You Feel Like an Underdog?

#030: Do You Feel Like an Underdog?

Off The Charts Business Podcast

Many of us feel like underdogs. We look at successful players in our industry or the world at large, and compare our resources or talents.

If you think about it, the underdog is something that is indoctrinated into us early on in our culture. We love underdogs, because we can relate to them and we want to be the underdog who overcomes all obstacles. They don’t give up.

So many sports movies have the classic rookie up against the established champion, or the team that doesn’t have a chance… and we all feel so happy when the underdog comes out on top at the end of the movie.

Here’s why you need to stop thinking of yourself as an underdog once and for all.

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Off The Charts Business Podcast with Nathalie Lussier
The Off The Charts Business Podcast is for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Here you’ll learn how to design a scalable business to spend more time outside away from the screen, through actionable ideas, real-world examples, and pep talks from your host Nathalie Lussier, founder of AccessAlly.
Nathalie Lussier started making websites when she was 12 years old, and graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a job offer from Wall Street. In a gutsy move, she turned down this job to start her own business right out of college.
Today, Nathalie is the CEO of the AccessAlly WordPress plugin for ambitious course creators, membership site owners, and community builders. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Venture Beat, Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Under 30 CEO.