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Thanks for articulating this so beautifully ❤️ The hard versus easy dichotomy is something that comes up often in my discussions. I started off in business in full blown pursuit mode making everything complicated. Then went through a bit of a ‘new age phase’ where I decided if it was meant for me then it should be easy, leading me to miss some opportunities. Now I feel like there’s a space where it’s not an either or... more of a natural unfolding. Reimagining my business model isn’t easy, I often feel like I’m in a wilderness where things don’t ‘flow’ but I can allow the unfolding process and not over complicate. Sometimes there is momentum and sometimes there isn’t. This seems to take me beyond the whole dichotomy. I like your idea of remembering the big picture and that B- energy can be enough to keep on going 🙌

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Fantastic. Really needed this energy. I'm so glad I found this site. Just read the newsletter you wrote for Freewrite and couldn't pass up the cool stuff you were talking about.

I love that you say to use your gut. I have been getting closer to my gut and a lot of other aspects of myself but I recently self-published and then quickly neglected that side of me without really thinking about it. It- You know what nah. I'll post a blog about that.

Anyway, thanks again this is a great post.

P.S. - How close are ya to getting a book done?

P.P.S. - I loved partaking in nanowrimo with Freewrite in '23. I was able to squeeze into the leaderboard near the end there. I thought it was super fun the way Freewrite engaged with that event.

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